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Are you ready for the best soap ever!  Well, you've found it!  Ok, I might be a little prejudiced, but, maybe not :)

I've been playing around with different recipes over the years.  My first soap with Crisco shortening changed when I learned the "Hot Process" method of soap making and discovered avocado oil!  This is a great oil that brings all kinds of vitamins to your skin as well as moisturizing, and many other great qualities.  Eventually I ended up with a recipe including avocado, castor, coconut, olive, palm, palm kernel, shea and cocoa butter.  Because of the unsaponifiables (see glossary) in the avocado and shea butter, this soap has more oil left in the finished bar to help moisturize and condition your skin.  The coconut and palm kernel oil give you a hard bar, with great cleaning qualities as well as a fluffy lather.  Olive and castor have stable lather and conditioning qualities. Palm oil also gives you a hard bar of soap as well.  Cocoa butter gives you a hard bar as well as stable lather and conditioning too.  So, up to this time, we're talking 100% natural oils.  Our final ingredients, also the ingredients that make the soap the most fun, are essential or fragrance oils, and colorants, both natural and cosmetic grade manufactured colorants.  This is why we say our soap is 99% to 100% natural.  Essential oils are plant based natural fragrances.  Fragrance oils are manufactured, though they can contain essential oils as well.  We use both essential and fragrance oils.  The fragrance oils are all very high quality.  When we use essential oils I try to use natural colorants.  This way, those bars are 100% natural.  These are also a separate category in our store too.

One of the more challenging aspects of soap making is to figure out how to balance all of the different characteristics of the various oils into a bar of soap that will be hard enough to last, yet be kind to your skin.  As soap makers we are always trying to find the best balance to produce a hard bar with fluffy but stable lather that also moisturizes the skin.  It can be challenging, but I do believe I've done it!  Try it for yourself, and see what you think!

Soap Pricing  

Our soap prices start at $6 a bar.  However, the more you buy, the better the price.  Check out our store for all the wonderful fragrances available.  When you buy 4 or more soaps, the price goes down to $5.50 each, and when you buy 10 or more it goes down to $5.00 each!  Don't forget to add your coupon codes upon checkout: 4for22 and 10for50

Also, if you follow us on Facebook we have other specials as well.  I post upcoming events, new products, and new fragrances.  Many times the website is behind Facebook, so don't get left behind!

Finally, just so you know what you're getting, when the soap is 'born' it's a little over 5 ounces.  By the time it has cured, and is ready for you to use, it is generally just under 5 ounces.  This gives you a very generous sized bar.




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