Ranch Life
What are we doing when we're not making soap?  Well, we really do have an operational cattle ranch.  And if we're not making our wonderful natural soap, or playing with cows, you will find me in my rustic garden.  This page will follow the seasons and happenings on the ranch.  This pictorial guide of the ranch follows the seasons, and projects that come with those seasons.  As you may appreciate after the next paragraph, I like Spring and Fall the best.  And not just because the weather is usually beautiful! 

Usually, from the middle of March until the middle of April, I don't have to feed everyday or irrigate.  Come mid April the irrigation season begins.  Cows start calving around July, and finish, hopefully, by the end of September.  Irrigation season ends in mid October.  From then until Thanksgiving, nothing much!  Yeah!  Then we begin feeding from late November until mid March.  And we come full circle again.

This timing actually works pretty well for the soap making business.  Come September we're frantically building our soap inventory for the fall and Christmas season.  From October on, we're making or selling soap! Then we heave a sigh of relief....Until the seasons move on :) 



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